The Embedded App Model

The WWT research app is a pre-built web application for the exploration of general astronomical data. It’s the tool that’s embedded in the WWT JupyterLab plugin. If you don’t need to create any specialized effects, it’s probably better and certainly easier to embed the WWT research app than to create your own custom WWT-based application.

In the research app documentation, the page Embedding the Research App explains how to embed the research app in your own webpage or app. All you need to get started is to add an HTML <iframe> element.

Once you’ve got that set up, you can control the research app programmatically by sending it JSON messages. These messages are easy to construct and cover a variety of typical operations, such as loading an images or sending the view to a particular set of coordinates. See Controlling an Embedded Research App for an overview of how to send messages, and the documentation of the @wwtelescope/research-app-messages NPM package for a specification of the allowed messages.