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Project @wwtelescope/research-app-messages

This package defines messages for controlling the AAS WorldWide Telescope research app. The only implementation code that it contains are TypeScript type guard functions.

Read Controlling an Embedded Research App for instructions on how to send your messages to an embedded app.

If you’re developing an app in a TypeScript framework, you can add this package as a dependency and use its types to construct the messages that you send to the research app. But if you’re unwilling or unable to do so, you can also just use the documentation here as a reference for how to construct your own messages as JSON structures. While certain messages might gain additional features as the research app evolves, forward compatibility will be maintained unless it is absolutely impossible to avoid a breakage.

The classicPywwt module defines messages used by the pywwt Python package. The research app understands and handles all of these messages.

The ViewStateMessage interface is special: it defines a message that is periodically emitted by the research app, if you have embedded it somewhere. This message keeps your app updated with the basic status of the WWT view. You can listen for such messages by using the addEventListener API on the research app’s window with an event type of message.

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