The Vue/Pinia Component Model

The main WWT applications are built using the Vue 3 UI framework with the Pinia state management library. If you use these too, you can take advantage of a lot of useful tools for creating your own customized WWT-based applications.

We’ll assume that you already have a skeleton Vue app in place. To add WWT to it, we recommend adding the @wwtelescope/engine and @wwtelescope/engine-pinia packages as project dependencies, using a command something like:

$ npm install --save @wwtelescope/engine @wwtelescope/engine-pinia

From there, check out the main page of the @wwtelescope/engine-pinia documentation for instructions on wiring WWT into your application as a Vue component and Pinia module. Note that if you are using TypeScript (which we strongly encourage), some manual futzing of your project files may be necessary to work around some issues in the current Vue build infrastructure.