Projector Values

Specifying projector values.

  1. Enter Projector Values for each projector. This is where the projector is physically located in the dome.
  • Enter FOV and Aspect Values
  • Values for Pos- X,Y,Z are in meters
  1. When you are finished entering in values for each projector, verify the orientation in the simulation pane for each projector and that it is correct
  • The red box indicates relative projector location
  • The yellow line represents the projection cone

In this example, my Audience front projection area is being projected from the rear of the dome, onto the front of the dome.

  1. Set constraints (Spring-line, Zenith) by left clicking on the projection channel under points, and then right clicking to bring up properties.
  • Physical constraints on the dome that anchor the alignment (Zenith, spring line)
  • These points need to be placed as close as possible to each 10 degree physical mark on the dome.
  • While you are physically inside the dome, add a point and use left click to drag the point or “x” onto the corresponding 10 degree point in your dome.
  • Enter actual values for Altitude and Azimuth
    • Most constraints will only have altitude selected from the drop down constraint type with a value of 0 for 180 degree domes. For domes with a 160 degree radius you must enter the value for altitude as 10. North (AZ=0), South (AZ=180), East (AZ=90), and West (AZ=270) that will have a constraint type set as both Altitude and Azimuth.
    • The Cap Center Point or Zenith will have a constraint type set as Both in the dropdown menu with values of Alt=90, AZ=0, Weight of 10.
  • Weight refers to that points gravity, most points should be left at a value of 5, but absolute or North, South, East, West points can have a weight of up to 10

Setting constraints