Edge Points

Setting Edge Points.

  1. Set edge points. These mark places on the dome where one projector overlaps another’s edge.
    • Turn on Calibration Screens
    • Toggling between Black and White background can be helpful for lining up points
    • Outlines will put a red outline around each channel in the dome. If you have physical masks installed you may not see these.
    • Select the edges you wish to work on in left Point Pane. After clicking on a point set the two edges will highlight in the example pane.
    • Right click and select add
    • You will see two points populate, one for each edge in red and green.
    • Left click will control a red point Selecting Calibration Scenes
    • Right click will control a green point
    • Align center X on top of each other in roughly the center of the blend region
    • Must physically be inside dome with optical blends in place to see if placement is correct
    • Complete this process for each edge, and add any edges that are not pre populated
    • Ensure there are no incorrect points left
      1. These will have the same coordinates for each point (example: [960.540, 960.540])
      2. These points will cause a singularity when trying to solve alignment.
      3. Delete any points like this before solving alignment: