1. Setup blending
  2. Open Multi-Channel Setup Screen
  3. Click on the Blend Tab
  4. Click Transfer from edges – this will import the edge points you created before
  5. Turn on Calibration Screens
  6. You will see a screen similar to this representing blend regions and overlap based on your edge points. This is just the starting point for blending. The goal is to get the blends regions with no black, and as small of an overlap as possible
  7. Go through each edge blend point and narrow or widen the overlap.
  8. Add points as needed. Example below
  9. Pull your bottom edge down to spring line
  10. Add a center point to assist
  11. After you have completed all blend edge regions, save your blend map
  12. Click Make New Maps and then Send Maps to send updated blend maps to each node
  13. View your progress with a planet or sun to see blend regions clearly
  14. This process takes time and many passes to get perfect
  15. Use Blur size, iterations, and Gamma to fine tune blend region

Example of a nearly blended system