Multi-Channel Dome Setup

WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a free program designed to give users the ability to explore the universe in a simple easy to use interface. Recently support has been developed to include a variety of playback mediums. This document will detail the steps required for a multi-channel display setup for use in a dome or frustum environment.

Installation of WWT in a multi-channel display setup requires the use of the Windows version of WWT — the web client does not support these features.

It is recommended before attempting to setup a multi-channel system that you familiarize yourself with WWT as a system. There are many introductory tours that will help in this process that are included with the software.

WWT is an ever evolving program and the steps, descriptions, and information contained in this guide is subject to change at any time.

Parts of this guide work on the premise that you have the required data regarding projector positioning and field of view/aspect ratio. Please obtain these data before attempting to start this process.