Layer and UI Properties

Layer Properties๐Ÿ”—

The following table lists the properties that can be get or set on a layer. The property names and enumeration values are case-sensitive.

PropertyTypeDescriptionLayer TypeDefault
AltColumnIntColumn number containing the altitude/depth data.Spreadsheet-1
AltTypeEnumOne of: Depth, Altitude, SeaLevel, Terrain.SpreadsheetSeaLevel
AltUnitEnumOne of: Meters, Feet, Inches, Miles, Kilometers, AstronomicalUnits, LightYears, Parsecs, MegaParsecs.SpreadsheetMeters for altitude and Kilometers for depth.
AstronomicalBooleanTrue if the data are astronomical rather than terrestrial. If this is set to true the declination will be by default the Latitude column, and the right ascension the Longitude column.AllFalse
BeginRangeDateTimeDate and time of the first data entry in a time series, in one of the formats (MM/DD/YYY): 1/1/2010 11:00:00 PM, 1/1/2010 11:30 AM, 1/1/2010 11 am,1/1/2000, 1/2000SpreadsheetMaximum system value
CartesianCustomScaleDoubleUsed to divide the Cartesian coordinate values to a custom scale. If this value was set to "0.01" and the scale to Meters, the custom scale would be centimeters.Spreadsheet1
CartesianScaleEnumIf the CoordinatesType is not Spherical then the coordinate system uses X, Y and Z values. One of: Meters, Feet, Inches, Miles, Kilometers, AstronomicalUnits, LightYears, Parsecs, MegaParsecs, Custom.SpreadsheetMeters
ColorMapEnumOne of: Same_For_All, Group_by_Values.SpreadsheetSame_For_All
ColorMapColumnIntColumn number containing the color map data. Columns are numbered from zero; -1 indicates there is no data for this.Spreadsheet-1
ColorValueStringString containing ARGB value of the color, in the format: ARGBColor:255:255:255:255.AllWhite
CoordinatesTypeEnumOne of: Spherical, Rectangular, Orbital. Spherical applies when the reference frame is a sphere, and the coordinates will be Lat/Lng or RA/Dec. Rectangular applies if there are X, Y and Z coordinates. In this case 0,0,0 is the center of the reference frame.SpreadsheetSpherical
DecayFloatDecay rate of the visualization, in days, in the range 0.00025 to 4096.Spreadsheet16
EnabledBooleanTrue if the layer is enabled.AllTrue
EndDateColumnIntColumn containing the end date/time data.Spreadsheet-1
EndRangeDateTimeDate and time of the last data entry in a time series, in one of the formats supported by BeginRangeSpreadsheetMinimum system value
EndTimeDateTimeDate and time to end the visualizations, and return to the start time in the case of an auto loop. This property is visible in the Lifetime dialog for a layer. Formats as in BeginRangeAllMaximum system time.
GeometryColumnIntColumn containing the geometry data.Spreadsheet-1
HeadingDoubleHeading angle of the model, in radians.3D Model0
HyperlinkColumnIntColumn containing the hyperlink data.Spreadsheet-1
FadeSpanTimeThe time it takes to fade out the graphic. This property is visible in the Lifetime dialog for the layer and is shown in days in the dialog. When using the SDK use the format D.HH:MM:SS, so for one day use 1.00:00:00.All0
FadeTypeEnumOne of: In, Out, Both, None.AllNone
FlipVBooleanTrue if the textures for the 3D model should be flipped.3D ModelFalse
LatColumnIntColumn number for the Latitude data.Spreadsheet-1
LngColumnIntColumn number for the Longitude data.Spreadsheet-1
MarkerColumnIntColumn number for the marker data.Spreadsheet-1
MarkerIndexIntIndex number of marker graphic selected, or -1 if no marker has been selected.Spreadsheet-1
MarkerMixEnumOne of: Same_For_All, Group_by_Values.SpreadsheetSame_For_All
MarkerScaleEnumOne of: Screen, World. If this is set to Screen the graphic will not change in size as the viewer zooms in and out. If it is set to World the graphic (Pushpin or Gaussian) will scale with the view.SpreadsheetWorld
NameStringName of the layer.All"New layer"
NameColumnIntColumn containing the event name data.Spreadsheet-1
OpacityFloatOpacity of the layer graphics from 0.0 to 1.0.All1
PitchDoublePitch angle of the model in radians.3d Model0
PlotTypeEnumOne of: Gaussian, Point, PushPin.SpreadsheetGaussian
PointScaleTypeEnumOne of: Linear, Power, Log, Constant, StellarMagnitude.SpreadsheetPower
RaUnitsEnumWhen the longitude column is being used for RA in astronomical data. One of: Hours, Degrees.SpreadsheetHours
RollDoubleRoll angle of the model, in radians.3D Model0
ScaleVector3dScale of the model in x, y and z dimensions. Format: 1,1,13D Model1,1,1
ScaleFactorFloatScale factor to apply to the magnitude of the event.Spreadsheet1
ShowFarSideBooleanTrue if the data points on the invisible side of the body should be shown.SpreadsheetFalse
SizeColumnIntColumn containing the size (magnitude) data.Spreadsheet-1
SmoothBooleanTrue if the 3D Model should have its normals smoothed.3D ModelTrue
StartDateColumnIntColumn containing the start date/time data.Spreadsheet-1
StartTimeDateTimeDate and time to start the visualizations. This property is visible in the Lifetime dialog for the layer. Formats as in BeginRangeAllMinimum system time
TimeSeriesBooleanTrue if the layer should be treated as time series data.SpreadsheetFalse
TranslateVector3dTranslation (movement offset) of the model in x, y and z dimensions, in units of the model size. Format: 1,1,13D Model0,0,0
XAxisColumnIntColumn number for X data.Spreadsheet-1
YAxisColumnIntColumn number for Y data.Spreadsheet-1
ZAxisColumnIntColumn number for Z data.Spreadsheet-1
XAxisReverseBooleanTrue if the direction of the X axis is reversed.SpreadsheetFalse
YAxisReverseBooleanTrue if the direction of the Y axis is reversed.SpreadsheetFalse
ZAxisReverseBooleanTrue if the direction of the Z axis is reversed.SpreadsheetFalse

WWT UI Settings๐Ÿ”—

Note that the spelling errors in the names of the properties must be matched.

Setting NameSetting Type
AutoHideContextTrue or False
AutoHideTabsTrue or False
AutoRepeatTourTrue or False
AutoRepeatTourAllTrue or False
ConstellationBoundryColorRGB color (default, "MidnightBlue")
ConstellationFigureColorRGB color (default, "DarkRed")
ConstellationFiguresFileString (a filename)
ConstellationSelectionColorRGB color (default, "DarkGoldenrod")
ContextSearchFilterString (default "Unfiltered")
DomeTiltDouble (default "0")
DomeTypeIndexInteger (default, "0")
DomeViewTrue or False
EclipticColorRGB color (default, "CornflowerBlue ")
FollowMouseOnZoomTrue or False
FovCameraInteger (default, "0")
FovColorRGB color (default, "white")
FovEyepieceInteger (default, "0")
FovTelescopeInteger (default, "0")
FullScreenToursTrue or False
GridColorRGB color (default, "64, 64, 64")
ImageQualityInteger: 0 to 100 (default, 100)
LargeDomeTexturesTrue or False
LastLookAtModeInteger (default, "2")
LineSmoothingTrue or False
ListenModeTrue or False
LocalHorizonModeTrue or False
LocationAltitudeDouble (default, "100")
LocationLatDouble (default, "47.64222")
LocationLngDouble (default, "-122.142")
LocationNameString (default, "Microsoft Research Building 99")
MasterControllerTrue or False
ShowCloudsTrue or False
ShowConstellationBoundriesTrue or False
ShowConstellationFiguresTrue or False
ShowConstellationNamesTrue or False
ShowConstellationSelectionTrue or False
ShowCrosshairsTrue or False
ShowDatasetNamesTrue or False
ShowEarthSkyTrue or False
ShowEclipticTrue or False
ShowElevationModelTrue or False
ShowFieldOfViewTrue or False
ShowGridTrue or False
ShowSolarSystemTrue or False
ShowTouchControlsTrue or False
ShowUTCTimeTrue or False
SolarSystemCosmosTrue or False
SolarSystemLightingTrue or False
SolarSystemMilkyWayTrue or False
SolarSystemMinorOrbitsTrue or False
SolarSystemMinorPlanetsTrue or False
SolarSystemMultiResTrue or False
SolarSystemOrbitColorRGB color (default, "64, 64, 64")
SolarSystemOrbitsTrue or False
SolarSystemOverlaysTrue or False
SolarSystemPlanetsTrue or False
SolarSystemScaleTrue or False
SolarSystemStarsTrue or False
StartUpLookAt*Integer (default, "4")